18 November 2011

IVF with a Tandem Cycle

IVF with a Tandem Cycle. Some women prefer to have a go with their eggs, and if those cannot be properly fertilized, then have the ready alternative of donor egg ivf. This is Tandem IVF. EmBIO Medical Center performs tandem ivf cycles, according to the future mother’s wishes.
An acknowledged ivf expert, EmBIO Director, Dr Thanos Paraschos had the privilege to perform the first pgd (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) in the world (1989), alongside with Lord Professor Robert Winston and A.H. Handyside at Hammersmith Hospital. As a member of the same groundbreaking team, EmBIO’s ART Lab Director, Embryologist Dina Katrania performed some of the very first  ICSI  procedures ever performed in the UK. Today, our fertility experts achieve ivf success rates reaching or exceeding 60%, especially via egg donation cycles.

Scheduling Your Stay in Athens for Tandem IVF

  • Normally, you’ll arrive in Athens in the evening prior to your egg collection day. Most women are ready for the egg collection procedure after 9-12 days on gonadotropin shots. On the same day we will retrieve the eggs from your donor.
  • If your husband’s work schedule is not flexible, and he can’t join you to Athens on you day of egg collection, there’s another convenient option available. He can come to EmBIO any time before that (even on the first day of your IVF preparation), and have his sperm frozen at our Sperm Bank. 
  • Then you can go home after the embryo transfer, and have your local gynaecologist/obstetrician do the monitoring according to our instructions.
  • If you need a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis or any other kind of embryo biopsy, the whole process will take 5 days.
  • You can easily make online lodging and travel arrangements through our travel agent.
Your  IVF Treatment  Calendar

Day 1: We’ll be expecting you around 9 am for your egg and semen collection at EmBIO Medical Center, 77 Ethnikis Antistasseos St, Chalandri, Attica, Greece. On the same day, we will retrieve eggs from your selected Egg Donor.

Day 2: Fertilizing process at EmBIO. Both your eggs and your donor’s eggs will be processed for fertilisation. You’ll have the whole day free for sightseeing.

Day 3: We’ll be expecting you around 9 am for the embryo transfer. We can transfer all of your eggs if they have been successfully fertilised and divided, or a combination of your eggs and donor eggs. By 14:00 the whole process will have been completed, and you’ll be ready to leave carrying your baby. Most couples though prefer to spend 5-10 days for their vacation in Greece.

Keeping Costs Down

Trying to keep our IVF fees affordable, we only charge what a patient really needs, and not an all-inclusive flat fee. Your total ivf fee will be based exclusively upon the IVF services you’ll need to use. The cost of IVF medication will be computed separately, according to your individual needs. Taking your medical history and ultrasound scan results will help us make a relatively accurate cost estimate, which would never exceed the amount you will finally pay.

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